creative education

Clockfire Theatre is dedicated to the creation of new Australian work for the stage. At the core of our education program is the principle of creativity through collaboration and Jacques Lecoq's® insight that tout bouge - 'everything moves'. Our programs are geared towards unlocking the fundamental principles of theatre of movement through interactive improvisation, unmasking unique performance styles and discovering innovative and theatrical approaches to storytelling.


From the many approaches to devising theatre inspired by the Clockfire methodology, to gaining a practical understanding of the renowned Lecoq® technique, Clockfire's workshops will facilitate creative learning integral to the development of an idea in a richly collaborative environment. Suitable for Secondary and Tertiary students as well as professional performers, workshops range from 2.5 hours through to full day laboratories.

unmasking theatre of movement - riverside theatres

Clockfire's 2.5 hour workshop will introduce students to Jacques Lecoq’s® insight that tout bouge – ‘everything moves’ and guide them through a comprehensive journey of his renowned technique. From observations of the everyday and the application of the Neutral Mask, students will uncover a universal approach to theatre-making and performance. Suitable for Years 9-12.

open rehearsals

From time to time, Clockfire open their rehearsal room doors to invite students and professionals in to observe their creative development process. From concentrated research to intensive improvisation and ensemble play, our open rehearsals are a chance to connect with the many communities in which our work is made. Our open rehearsals are free to the public and are publicised twice per creative development.