the natural conservatorium for wise women

The production is highly sophisticated loaded with intrepid integrity.
I recommend THE NATURAL CONSERVATORIUM FOR WISE WOMEN, as an exciting and different mode of experience of storytelling in Sydney. Go, surrender, and be bewildered with a kind of wonder, and enthused with a sense of a future of change - hopefully of wisdom, equality.

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A highly imaginative work...
... it is a style of performance that we rarely see in the landscapes of Australian art and is hence, an immediately refreshing experience for our audiences.

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...emerging as easily one of the years very best. Don’t miss this. You will be thinking about it for a long time.
Inside this beauty is the inherent nature of rebellion and the true spirit of woman as the outsider force that embodies the constant challenge to patriarchal insistence. Just as the domination of the patriarchy implies there is a dangerous force to be dominated, resistance implies there is a dangerous force to be unleashed. We do not know what a matriarchal world will look like; but we will soon find out.

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It is not a show to be categorised or defined, this is a production to be engaged with. Intellect and emotions in elevation and a desire to talk late into the night over gelato on King Street.
...a legacy of the intelligent and interrogated nature of accomplished group creation.

Judith Greenaway, Sydney Arts Guide READ MORE immersive theatrical experience unmatched by any I have had.
a poetic experience and a kind of storytelling that I have not encountered before.

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