teaching artists


Emily Ayoub - Teaching Artist

emily ayoub

A theatre-maker, director, performer and teacher, Emily studied at Theatre Nepean (2005) and is a graduate of Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School Paris (2011).
After two incredibly inspiring and motivating years at Lecoq, Emily founded Sydney-based Clockfire in 2011 with a vision to form an ensemble that create live performance works through collaboration and improvisation.

Emily strives to produce theatre that generates powerful discourse around subjects that have social and contemporary significance.
As a teacher and director, she seeks to draw on the artist's ability to imagine, write, collaborate and perform unique and dramatic content in a highly synergetic environment.

She has taught devising theatre, clown and Lecoq® workshops at AIM Dramatic Arts, AFTRS, Casula Powerhouse, InPlay Arts, Riverside Theatres and for school drama students across NSW.

Alicia Gonzalez - Teaching Artist

alicia gonzález

A Jacques Lecoq Theatre graduate, Alicia is a director, theatre-maker and teaching artist specialising in movement and ensemble devised techniques to storytelling. She works across theatre, film and education as a co-devisor, movement director, teacher and performer. Alicia is Artistic Director of Marquez Laundry Theatre Company and Director at the Clown Institute.

Alicia's interest in training and collaborating with others is in response to a growing trend of artists taking control of their creative output and specifically geared towards visually arresting, non-traditional performance styles. Alicia likes to work with artists across disciplines in devised processes to create original works in which drama, comedy, time and space all play a key role in shaping a visceral experience for the audience.