by clockfire theatre company

"The ensemble work seamlessly together." CAROL WIMMER


Clockfire Theatre’s The Grief Parlour takes the audience on a surreal, fantastical journey in search of a single glittering moment of reunion after death. An eternal hope… to pass through a crack in the wall of life to find those lost in a place outside time- just for one second.

Clockfire Theatre creates a world of elastic space and time, full of absurd imagery and brief moments of intimate connection, sitting just beyond the reach of the grim necessities of life faced with the loss of a loved one. The Grief Parlour is full of warmth, humour and a little bit of magic. 

Clockfire uses text, sound and visual theatre inspired
by the great French Lecoq tradition of physical theatre.
The Grief Parlour is beautifully realised by an expert cast lead by Jo Turner, one of Australia’s finest directors of this magical form of theatre.


creative team

Devisors/Performers Emily Ayoub, Roderic Byrnes,

Anna Martin, Gareth Rickards & Kate Worsley

Director Jo Turner

Writer Jessica Bellamy

Sound Ben Pierpoint

Lighting Sara Swersky

Stage Manager/s Jacqueline Bennett & Sean Minahan