by clockfire theatre company

"The production is highly sophisticated loaded with intrepid integrity." KEVIN JACKSON

A decaying relic of patriarchal power, Sir sits in splendid isolation, monarch of Nothing and general in an unending trench war. Enter La Femme du Jardin, a cordial but persistent voice demanding a change in the order of things. Sir appears deaf to the messages - they come in a language he does not comprehend. But, like the unstoppable flourishing of weeds in the untended garden, the voice of revolution becomes impossible to ignore.

Physical theatre company Clockfire presents a riotous take on the eternal struggle between male and female views of power, from how it is guarded and maintained, to the voices and experiences that demand to be heard. Inspired by the theatre of the absurd, the show bristles with poetic images and surprising moments of beauty amid the crazy desolation of the little kingdoms we create.


creative team

Director Emily Ayoub

Lead Devisor/Performer Alicia González 

Devisors/Performers Laura Turner, Tony Weir & Kate Worsley

Sound Design Ben Pierpoint

Design Collaborator Amanda McNamara

Stage Manager Luke Cignarella


Sir Tony Weir

La Femme du Jardin / La Belle Vache  Kate Worsley

Garçon Alicia González

Pissenlit Laura Turner


The first incarnation of this project was supported by funding from Hothouse Theatre, Ainslie Gorman Arts Centre and Q Theatre. It was first performed at the Old 505 Theatre, 2017 & at Jardin St James in 2019.