by clockfire theatre company

"...we are all embroiled in this mysterious undertaking as one." - SUZY WRONG

Physical theatre company Clockfire present their new Australian production we, the lost company, a moving poetic tribute to mother nature’s most mysterious element. Exploring the migratory nature of the ocean and the power of recollection, bodies raw, branded with enduring sunburn, unfurl and contract in a space which overflows with echoes of the past and predictions for our future.

Inspired by acclaimed Australian artist Brett Whiteley’s beach paintings, this original gallery of movement spans a shoreline of mnemonic encounters that collide with a tide that disturbs and reorganises. Devised and choreographed by the ensemble, directed by Emily Ayoub and accompanied by Ben Pierpoint’s original soundtrack, we, the lost company paints a timeless coastline, blue and bound with a special familiarity.


creative team

Director Emily Ayoub

Devisors/Performers Madeline Baghurst, Alicia González & Arisa Yura

Arrangements and Original Composition Ben Pierpoint with sampling from

Billie McCarthy (vocals), Jack Murray (electronics), Julia Reidy (guitar)

& Mary Rapp (cello). 

Design Collaborator Amanda McNamara

Stage Manager Jacqueline Bennett


The first incarnation of this project was supported by funding from Marrickville Council, Leichhardt Council and Brand X. It was first performed at the Old 505 Theatre, 2015.